Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

Couscous smells like dried cat food when it's reheating. If you can get past that, it's still pretty good.


I think I'm actually sick of chocolate cake. And I think I've gained five pounds since Saturday.


Ms. Traveler will be happy to hear this.
There is a neighbor that I blatantly stalk. Ms. Traveler actually pointed him out to me when we were coming back from a walk. He's a cutie. Drives a work truck. Has a tool belt. Yum. When I say "blatantly stalk" I mean get up from my chair, walk across the living room and stand at the window when I see his truck drive by to watch him park and walk by.

I saw him drive by this evening, so I went to the window to look oh so casual. And he lifted a two year old boy out of his truck and held his hand as they walked to his apartment. The guy isn't wearing a ring, so who's the boy?


I'm exhausted now.


What's my big plan this evening you ask?
I may clean my keyboard with these nifty little pre-moistened q-tipy things and then after that, oh gosh, I don't know, maybe bleach the hair on my lip.

Ah, the life of a single gal. Craziness I tell ya.



I haven't spent any money in two days and I am FREAKIN' OUT. There's talk of a happy hour on Friday, brunch on Sunday, maybe a dinner next week. What am I going to do?!


I think I want a piece of cake....


I read Charlotte's Web for the first time.
It was just okay.

Does that make me un-American?


Okay, I've had my hot bath, I've read more of Obama's book, now it's time for bed. My bedtime keeps getting earlier and earlier. Actually, I laid down at 8:30pm last night. Fell asleep, woke up at 11:30pm and thought, "Oh crap! What time is it?!" Not even midnight, that's what time it is. Sad. Very sad.

But tomorrow night Jamie is coming over for dinner. And I'm hanging out with Darragh Friday night. Brunch and a haircut on Sunday. Maybe some Milo time on Saturday. Life will be picking up again here soon......

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