Thursday, April 24, 2008

Love, The Universe II

I forgot to bring lunch today.

I made an Amy's pizza last night for dinner and only ate half of it (I know! Only half!) so I was going to bring the other half for lunch. But in my morning routine of rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off, pulling my boots on while balancing my breakfast (english muffin and soy sausage patty) in my hand, grabbing keys/cell phone/iPod and hauling ass out the door with 50 lbs of wet hair flapping behind me because it takes too damn long to dry it all, I forgot to grab the pizza out of the fridge.

But the universe saw my dilemma and provided.

We had our monthly Admin Assistants meeting and because yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day (*ahem*) this meeting was catered. Little quiches, caprese, brownies and lemon bars. And while it doesn't sound like the best lunch, after 12 little quiches, a couple of disks of mozzarella and a brownie, I am well satiated. And I can bring the pizza tomorrow.

A good day, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

My card for Admin Professionals Day said it should be called "The Only One Who Knows What The Hell Is Going On Around Here" Day. If they only knew how true that was! I did get a lunch out and a "free" day of leave! Yay!