Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random Thoughts

Our awesome kicker, Josh Brown, has gone to St. Louis. I'm a bit distraught. Really. He saved our ass so many times, I don't know who could possibly replace him. We'll find out in just a few months.


And Bret Favre is retiring. Crap. Although, he's been teasing us for year.


There is one specific guy on Match who looks at my profile about every other day. But has he contacted me in any way?


This just reinforces my already sour opinion that men are pansies.

There is also a very attractive, interesting man who has looked at my profile and I would love to email him, but as we all know, if I do that, it will just ensure I never hear back from him.

Yep, cancelling my membership next week.


This headline on Komo4 cracks me up:

"Woman Loses 180lbs Through Diet And Exercise"

Oh, dear god stop the presses!! Really?!

Why is this news?
It's a nice story, yes, but is it news?


Sudden whack of singleness:

Who will get me my hollow chocolate easter bunny this year?


What else can I tell you?
I get to wear blue jeans to work tomorrow. That's big news.

Um...having a girls dinner on Saturday, our once a month thing. Might go out afterwards.

Yep. That's about. Things are quiet (for a change) here in Raechelle-land.

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