Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Laundry Stress Is Back

My upstairs neighbor, Sally, moved out. If you remember, Sally and I switched laundry days so I got rid of the whole Friday laundry day and moved to Wednesday, which I thought would work perfectly since Lost was on Wednesdays. But now it's on Thursdays. Funny, huh?

Well, now I'm back to Fridays. And I haven't laundry in over two weeks. All of my jeans are dirty, my fancy new undies are dirty and I'm almost out of towels. So, I dropped it off at the wash-n-fold place in Fremont this morning on my way to work. Know how much laundry a gal accumulates in two weeks, not counting her primary work clothes because those are dry cleaned (or Dryeled, because I don't do dry cleaners)?

Twenty pounds. 2-0.
And we're looking at $1.10 a pound, which I originally thought would be NOTHIN' because how much can laundry really weigh?

Twenty pounds. That's how much.

I figured if I'm getting my laundry done, might as well grab anything and everything in the apartment that needs washed, so I'm sure most of that is towels, some of which were wet.

Yes, quite the lesson learned. Now, if I just take it once a week, it would probably be about five pounds and I would remember not to take the wet towels. I may just put up a sign above the mailboxes in my building:

"Would anyone be interested in switching laundry days with me? My laundry day is currently Friday, but I'm a single gal and that's a primo date night, so it doesn't really fit my schedule. Maybe I could just share a day? I work during the day and would only be able to laundry in the evenings. Thanks."

The wash-n-fold place could get really expensive.....

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