Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Am A Moron, Reason 168

I try to multitask at the absolute wrong time.

Like when I'm closing a drawer and I suddenly remember something I need to get out of the drawer so I think I can reach in and get it AND close the drawer AT THE SAME TIME. Then I wonder why my fingers hurts.

Or I try to lock the door to save myself time but forget that I haven't even opened the door yet, so I try to yank open the door, but the door is already locked so my hand slips off and hits 1) me, 2) the door or 3) the doorjam.

Or I want to grab something really quickly out of the cabinet so I open the cabinet, but my brain doesn't give my hand enough time to actually reach in the cabinet, grasp what I need, then remove my hand, so I end up slamming the door of the cabinet on my hand.

Yes, there is a reason this topic has suddenly popped into my head. And I am typing without the use of two of fingers.

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