Friday, January 18, 2008

Suddenly, I'm Outgoing!

I took a ballet class with Jamie tonight.

Yes, really.

An adult, level II/III class. And it kicked my ass. The warm ups were somewhat easy. I remembered all of the poses (did I tell you I took ballet at the Unviersity of Houston? That and algebra. I needed two classes to actually be enrolled. I ended up first at the bar. And I failed algebra.) and could do the plies. But, oy the keeping up part. I can never remember where my arms need to go. Up, side, front.....ack. It's hard enough remembering where my leg is supposed to go.

I got through the first couple of exercises okay but had no problem just stopping and staring at the other dancers' feet to see what they were doing when I was completely lost, which was most of the time. The exercises would normally end with a balance stance. And I got balance. I can balance like nobody's business. So, I'd just wait for that part to roll around.

Jamie, however, was amazing. She hasn't taken a class in I can't remember how many years, but she stuck in there until the bitter end, when they were doing hops and quick, triple time kicks. Amazing. I didn't even pretend to keep up at that point. I just stood off to the side, balancing (cause I'm awesome) and watching.

Every time she'd look at me, I'd just mouth "I want child's pose..."

The next class will be ballroom dancing. I need to be in my element for a change. Either that, or I'll make Jamie sing at an open mic.

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Anonymous said...

darling there isnt enough liquor in the state to get me to sing, let alone at an open mic. ballroom dancing here we come! i'm just happy neither of us needed CPR.