Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Same Rant, Different Day

Apparently there just aren't enough condos in Ballard. So, let's take the bowling alley that's been around for 50 years and tear it down. Who bowls anymore, anyway?

Sunset Bowl has been sold to Avalon Ballard LLC, a real-estate developer. More condos.

I had a whole long rant posted, but what's the point. You know all this.

It just freakin' sucks.


Richard said...

I am very disappointed. I hope the Wrecking Ball gets a 7 10 split.

Dee said...

On the opposite side, people can't frickin' afford a single family house, so maybe try and think of it that way. It could help someone afford to actually "own" their home and reap some homeownership benefits.

Richard said...

Hey, Dee.

My one bedroom apartment in Ballard that I rented for $700 was converted into a condo and sold for half a million bucks. Sounds affordable, huh? There is definitely some "Reaping" going on, but it's on the developer's end, not ours.

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Omigod! This sucks. I rang in my 34th birthday there-bowling, karaoke...you can't go wrong. We had such good times, such good times.

They're doing this to punish me for leaving the country aren't they? No, I'm not paranoid.

Dee said...

Hi, Richard. First, let me say that I am not necessarily on the side of the developers. That being said, I'm basically a middle-of-the-road person who always sees both sides of everything. And I'm not saying that's a good thing - it's just me. I guess I'm just not that passionate enough about most things. Anyway - obviously a condo selling for half a million dollars isn't affordable. I'm guessing you're against developers knocking down old stuff to build new, expensive condos but not necesarily against condo ownership in general. My example would be my daughter who recently purchased a condo (built in the 80's) in Northen VA for $250,000. That was the ONLY thing she could afford in the DC/VA area. Townhouses were not even an option for her, much less a single family home. So in that respect, a condo is a good option. Spending $700 a month in rent every month gets you nothing in the end; at least paying on a mortgage has some benefits. That's all I was saying and that maybe that's the only option for some people. Anyway, it was nice to meet ya! ;>)