Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

Remember back in the day, when I used to "treat" myself to a $30 bottle of David Lake Zinfandel? Man, those were good times. I'd sit down with a big glass of wine, put my feet up, watch something funny on the telly.


Now? I buy cookies. I buy frozen yogurt. I buy sparkling cider. It's very sad. That 15lbs I lost should be back right around summer. I need a new "treat". One with no calories.

My mind just went straight into the toilet.

I should move on.........


I can't seem to read unless I'm in the tub now. I finished "Life of Pi", so I searched my bookshelf for a new book. I decided on "In the Meantime" by Iyanla Vanzant. Then I ran a bath.

Funny. When I looked this book up (yes, looked it *up*. HA!), I was surprised to see it was by Iyanla Vanzant. As I was reading it, I was picturing Maya Angelou in my head. And I've read this book before. I knew it wasn't by Maya. Now I feel deceived.

I digress. So I wanted to start a new book. It's a good time for this particular book. Finding the love you want. But first you have to love yourself. Do I love myself? I think so. I don't particularly like that I can get cranky at the drop of a hat, or that I'm quick to judge people, but I know that, deep in my heart, I'm a loyal friend and I care about people and I try to do the right thing when I can. I think I'm a good person. So I guess I love myself. I have to now that there's no one else lovin' on me, huh?


I mean lovin' me.

Mind = toilet.

Moving on............


I cooked dinner tonight. Pasta primavera. Zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, onions and angel hair pasta. And I ate too much. Then I took a hot bath. Then I had two cookies. Now I feel icky.

Damn the cookies.


It snowed last night and that snow froze overnight so that it was ice this morning. The drive to work was flat out scary. But in a fun earthquake scary kind of way. I decided to go through Fremont, rather than across the Ballard Bridge and down Nickerson, because Fremont is flat and Nickerson is not. It didn't really make much of a difference. We got up to maybe 9 miles an hour. Lots of sliding.


The left side of my jaw is popping regularly these days. Very interesting. I wonder if my bite is off? Need to go see my dentist. I'll make an appointment tomorrow.


Daniela and Sergio had their second baby last week! Oliver. So cute. I miss them.


The Potential Date from last week has not called. We can officially forget about him now. That was fun. Shaun has advised me to never date theater people or musicians. They're flakey. Coincidently, Shaun used to work in theater and he plays guitar. So I consider him an expert. I like the comment Heather left - I tried him on and got a little use out of him. He took up an evening (yes, took *up*! HA!)


There is a ladybug flying around my dining room light. And now my head hurts and my vision is distorted from looking at the light, trying to see what the hell is flying around it. How did a ladybug get in here?


Speaking of ladybugs, maybe I'll watch A Bug's Life tonight. I love Dennis Leary's character, the ladybug. Yes, there's a bit of a fighting/war theme (the grasshoppers bully the ants so the ants will supply them with food but the ants make a boo boo and don't have food for the grasshoppers so the grasshoppers threaten to kill all the ants) but it's cute cause they're grasshoppers.

Funny word. Grasshopper.


I'm itchin' for a weekend away. We get next Monday off but it's too late to do anything now. We'll just consider that an extra day to sleep in. However, we also get Presidents' Day off in February, so that gives me a whole month to plan. So many options. Mountains or water? Snow or no snow? Oregon or Canada? Bed and breakfast or little cabin? My goodness.....


Are you bored yet? I'm just babbling at this point.

I'll leave you with this, a picture from my younger, crazier days:

Don't ask.
And yes, there was wine involved.

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