Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pixie Cuts and Big Ass Noserings

Because I have nothing better to do tonight than surf through old photos and share with you.

My first year in Seattle. Wacked off all my hair. This was at some club, with Amy, who I cropped out because I'd really like to just forget her.

This was the night I lost Amy after a few tequila shots. I found her trying to buy crack from some guy on the street. I took her to my place, she tried to make out with me, then passed out and we never spoke again. Ah, good times.

Couple years later. My, look how big that nose ring was! No wonder mom was so pissed when she saw it. Sorry mom. I see now how obnoxious it was. The stud is much better. But I still have the big ring. So be nice to me.

I cropped Erin out (sorry Erin) because her pupils are HUGE in this photo. I think we were just drinking, but it sure doesn't look like that. So, I'm protecting your rep, babe. Don't want people doing google searches for you and finding this photo. Who loves ya?


Mom said...

You need to cute your hair!

Mom said...

No, not "cute" -- cut!