Saturday, December 8, 2007

I Think It's Going To Be A Long Time Before I Find Someone Who Will Date Me

So I have a christmas playlist on my iPod. I've been listening to it at work, and I'm listening to it now as I clean. Most of the songs are BB King or Elvis. Those are the only christmas cds I have. The rest of the songs are random. U2's "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)", Jill Sobule's "Merry Christmas From the Family", Wham's "Last Christmas", The Pogues' "Fairytale of New York".


I realized I was skipping over alot of the Elvis songs while the iPod was going. One of the christmas cds I have of his is mostly gospel, and while I like gospel, I don't like to listen it to at work or while I'm in the christmas spirit. So I was skipping through the playlist alot. Which defeats the purpose of having a playlist.

So this morning, I edited the playlist and now only have four Elvis tunes on there. And as I was listening to the songs this morning, Wham's song came on. I hadn't heard it yet while listening to my playlist. There was too much Elvis. Elvis was taking up the whole damn playlist! But now that there's only four Elvis songs, some of the other songs get a chance to play.

And when Wham came on, I swear George Michael sounded especially happy, almost as if he were saying "Thank god you got that fat guy off the playlist! Now we can be heard!" And I actually said aloud, "You're welcome, Wham."

No man will find this kind of cutesy crazy desirable, will they?

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