Thursday, November 15, 2007


I need a dream interpretation, please.

I’m in my office, almost asleep on my keyboard. I’m wearing black. And my shirt is raised up and alittle of my side is showing. I don’t know if this is important, but I remembered it. Anyway, I’m half asleep and I just can’t bear to move. One of my (male) supervisors walks in and says something completely inappropriate, but it doesn’t phase me because that’s the kind of relationship we have. Then he leaves.

Then I’m curled up under a blanket with a big, fluffy pillow, on an exam table that’s in my office, but it’s more like a bed. My thinking is, I don’t feel good, I’m blue, I’m just going to curl up here until my boss comes in and gives me something to do. I’m not the least bit concerned about how she will react to this.

Then there’s a pediatric code blue over the loudspeaker. If you watch ER, then you know a code blue is bad. Patient is unresponsive, a crash cart is needed. And what’s odd (among many other things) is that we don’t normally see pediatric patients here. So to hear a “pediatric code blue” is disturbing. During this announcement, a man runs into the copy room that is across from my office. In reality, I can’t see into the copy room because my office is literally a closet with a door and the copy room is across the hall, also with a door. But in the dream, the opening for the door to the copy room is much bigger (if there at all) and there’s no wall to my office, so I can see everything that’s going on in the copy room. There’s suddenly a number of people all around, gawking.

So this man runs into the copy room with a little blond haired boy in his arms. The boy is probably about 4 or 5 years old. And his arm is mangled and barely attached to his body. The man is panicked, but also very much in control of the situation. And there is this dog. He still has a hold of the boy’s arm and is still trying to rip it off. A bulldog. Brown and white. And there is a teddy bear, somewhere in that mix. I can’t really see where, but the dog has a hold of the bear and the boy is still grasping the bear…..or something.

The man puts the boy on the ground and the dog magically disappears. Then, there are people in my way, and I’m covering my eyes but I can hear the little boy just screaming in pain and the man saying “Be strong. This is just going to hurt for a minute. Be strong…” and apparently he’s trying to put the boy’s arm back in place but I can only see from the waist down of the boy and the man. I can’t actually see what’s happening. But it sounds horrible.

Then I can see everything and the little boy is laying there with another, younger boy in his good arm. His severed arm looks like it’s in tact, although you can see that it’s still in bad shape. It’s placed on his chest, just kind of resting there. He looks at peace. And the man is sitting off to the side, panting, sweating, coming down from the adrenaline rush.

Then the dream fades.

Could the tater tot casserole I had for dinner have anything to do with this?


Dee said...

The fact that you can remember that much of a dream and in that much detail amazes me. I never remember my dreams - well, not very often. I'm not even going to begin to try and interpret it! And I'm sure it had nothing to do with your tater tot casserole. Have a fun weekend with Wendy!

mom said...

I think the ball's in Tricia's court -- you used to have a book or something that interpreted dreams? Right? See what you come up with Tricia . . . . .