Friday, November 30, 2007

Release the Holds!

I've mentioned before that the bulk of my job is scheduling meetings for four different people. Calendaring, if you will. Part of calendaring entails putting holds on their calendars until we get the time finalized. I may have to contact seven different people and offer them 10 different times, then wait for them all to get back to me to see what time works for everyone.

(I love my job)

(And yes, I know how to use the Meeting Request function in Outlook, but that gets confusing and adds to an already crapload of emails. So we admins don't use that too much 'round here.)

Anywho, I currently have 23 holds on my boss' calendar, over two weeks, for a conference call that is trying to get scheduled. I'm not scheduling this one. Thank god. It's some outside company so I just answered the email, yes she's available at this time, no she's not available at this time, and put the hold on the calendar.

Now I'm trying to schedule a few other meetings, but I can't schedule over those holds. I need that time. So I asked my boss, do you want me to schedule this meeting for the week of December 17 (because it's all holds until then) or wait until the conference call gets scheduled, then schedule this meeting?

Her response? "Wait until Tuesday and if the conference call hasn't been confirmed, release the holds."

And I heard Jerry Seinfeld's voice in my head.

"Release the holds!"

I chuckle. You have to be a Seinfeld fan to get it.

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