Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Have You Ever?

Have you every been so happy and at peace that you just spontaneously cry?

It was the weirdest thing. I went for a walk this evening, along my usual route - up 34th to Sunset Hill Park that overlooks Shilshole Marina and the Olympic Mountains. On the way up there, I passed a ton of people walking dogs and pushing strollers. It was about 68 degrees and there were just a few wispy clouds in the deep, blue sky. The leaves on the trees were bright red and yellow and they were blowing around in the breeze.

When I turned the corner to face the park, the sight was breathtaking. The sun was starting to go down. The sky was red and the mountains were backlit. And there were probably 40 people just hanging out. Some had telescopes, some had cameras, some were on blankets having a picnic, some were taking a break from their run and stretching on the grass. And some were just standing there, arms crossed, smiles on their faces. They were all just watching the sunset.

At that very moment, life was just beautiful. There was no war, there were no fires, no one had a broken heart and no one was sick. We were all just........here.

And I cried.

Then I walked all the way home with big smile on my face.

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