Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dungeness Spit

Yesterday, McP, his friend who was visiting from out of town, his roommate and I took a day trip to the peninsula. I was up at 6am (I know!) and we hit the 7:55am ferry over to Bainbridge Island. We stopped for breakfast at a cute little cafe in Port Ludlow, then drove on the Dungeness Spit.

Way out there on the right hand side is the end of the spit and the lighthouse. It's a 5 mile walk to that light house. We made it half way. It's a difficult walk - very rocky and the rocks are covered in kelp so it's slick too.

So we turned and came back.

This is the view of the Olympics on the walk back.

It was a lovely, gray, fall day. We got spit on (no pun intended) a little but the rain didn't really start until last night. I think it's forcasted to rain now through.......April. The winter season has started.

Today, it's just pouring. I'm curled up watching the Seahawks game (Seahawks are ahead 23-3 in the 4th!) and will head over to Kim-n-Tim's when it's over. I haven't seen Milo in two weeks. I'll take my camera and get some photos for you.

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Dee said...

For future reference - there is no such thing as a "lovely, gray day." But glad you had a good time.