Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Salmon Primo

I've been craving Pagliacci's Salmon Primo pizza. C R A V I N G. It's a seasonal thing. Just came out last Thursday. Shaun (my temporary roommate) and I ordered a pizza last Wednesday night, anticipating getting the Salmon Primo. We were one day too early. Damn!

So, tonight, Shaun is out of town, I've got the place to myself and I was going to (over) induldge in this pizza. I didn't want to buy a whole pizza, so I walked down to Broadway to the little Pagliacci's place to get a slice. Or two. Or five.

Oh, but no.
They don't have the Salmon Primo by the slice on Tuesdays. Only on Thursdays. Bastards.
So I bought a whole damn pie. Ack.

I'll take some for work tomorrow, maybe leave some for Shaun, because I'm nice like that.

And now that I've had my pizza, I may pop in a movie or play a little guitar, or just surf the net until I fall asleep. I got nothin' but time......

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