Monday, July 23, 2007

Notes From The Airport

The following are notes from the airport on July 19, 2007, before my flight to Chicago.

ButterLondon ROCKS! Got a $10 manicure so now my nails look all snazzy. Fabulous!

There's a dude wearing a shirt that says "Jesus Patrol". It looks like a lifeguard cross. Does that mean he's looking to save Jesus? That seems blasphemous.

Why haven't I gotten a laptop yet?

Towncars are the only way to go to the airport. The windows are really tinted so people think you're famous. And it's actually cheaper than a cab.

I would have corrective surgery if my middle toe was so long it hung off the edge of my Chacos. That would just drive me nuts. Speaking of shoes, I'm distraught that my Keens have been "in repair" for two weeks now. They are the most comfortable shoes I have and I don't have them with me now! I need to call about them.....But I think I made up for them. I packed two bags for four days. And one bag is all shoes. I have become one of those people.

So far, there are no hot people going to Chicago.

Oh, these poor parents. Their 20 something daughter is wearing a shirt so low cut that I would wear it to a party. That low. They look like meek, old school, hippy parents. The daughter has a ton of bling and make-up on. Yes, she's gotten above her raisin'.

I checked both of my bags. It's much easier to go to the bathroom now.

Tennis shoes and no socks. Yes, he has the sport shorts on too. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Glad the guy didn't make a horrible decision and wear tube socks, but what are those feet going to smell like in the afternoon?

I can't believe no one has recognized me yet! Come on people! I'm pretending I'm famous here!

I should have plucked my eyebrows last night. Guess it would be tacky to do that on the plane, huh?

Bob Schneider is a good soundtrack for the airport. I love my iPod.

Oh!! A bit of a side note....
My friend and I went to the Patty Griffin concert last night at the Zoo and we ran into Dave Matthews. Literally. He was tossing something in the garbage and he turned and almost bumped into us. He said "Uh, excuse me.." and we said "Uh, excuse me..." and he walked on by. I hit my friend on the arm and said "That was Dave Matthews! I think he was looking at our boobs!" She was convinced as well. (Just kidding Dave. You're married, lots of kids. I'm sure you don't do those kinds of things......)

People who are not comfortable in flip flops (or, thongs, as people up here call them, which throws me because I think thongs are g-strings......anyway) can be spotted from a mile away. Quite entertaining.

When did cullotes make a comeback? I missed it. And I'm okay with that.

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