Thursday, July 12, 2007

Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting sucks.
I refuse to leave Ballard. Refuse. Capitol Hill is not my cup of tea, so I'm feeling desperate to find something NOW. And that just ain't happening.

The rent for a one bedroom in a decent area of Ballard is around $750 and up. The one place that may have to suffice is $780. The drawback? The coin-op washers and dryers are in the basement, on the otherside of the building from where my apartment would be. I've gotten quite spoiled by my little laundry room in our current place. Steve's current place.


I'll keeping looking through the weekend. If I don't find anything by about Tuesday, I'll go ahead and put down the deposit and all that junk. The fees are ridiculous. $35 application fee. $150 administration fee. $780 first month's rent. $400 deposit ($150 is non-refundable). $35 a month to park in the parking lot - however, that one isn't so bad. Ruby is very much worth the $35 a month.

It's a cute place. Built in the 50's. Hardwood floors, crown moulding, faces south. There's a pool on the premises, which is unheard of in Seattle, and it's right across the street from the Locks. And they allow cats. Which I will have eventually.

I'm looking at another one Friday morning, so maybe that will trump this one. We'll see.

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Dee said...

Good luck with the apartment hunting. When you get your cat, you and Kristin can exchange cat pics and stories. ;>)